Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Journey to be First Lady of Cameroun - Anita's story

My friend from the blue start, Anita is living her dream! She always believes in her destiny with the Mother Land, Africa. She is in Younde, Cameroun, running Presidential Campaign with her husband, Dr. Antoine de Padoue NDEMMANU.

Anita and I first met in Seattle via the introduction of Fred Mednick. Anita impressed me with her passion in empowering people and she has been active in community development and finance strategy. Over the 7 years we have known each other, we have maintained contact about each other's experiences and growth. We also share common interest of sustainable energy solutions with our common friends, Aaron Murakami, an Energetic Scientist.

Anita is a story of BELIEVING in one's true voice. She is back to her root, indeed!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

OLPC for All Children

Kids playing with OLPC in Wikimania 2007, Taipei, Taiwan

Thursday, January 10, 2008

40 Million Hopefuls

This child's name is unknown to me yet I call her 'HOPE' by heart. We met each other in a rural health clinic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 2000. 'HOPE' uplifted my spirit the moment I projected her misfortune as I see her as a victim of AIDS. Her unconditional love dissolved my sadness and opened up my understanding to receive - pure love. That is the source of all healing. It is in the spirit of giving, a thought is seeded to find a way to surround 'HOPE' with tools and foundation to build an Eco-living for the generations to come. That thought is today's oneVillage Initiative.

It takes a village to heal a child.
- Global Wisdom

It has been said that there are no meaningful celebrations, anywhere, without children. The developing world is all about children and the challenge of building a sustainable future for them. This notion is most evident to those who know the names and faces of children and to those that care for them – local teachers, health-care workers, parents, emerging entrepreneurs.

Today there are estimated 11 million AIDS orphans worldwide. Just one child in distress can bring out amazing compassion and hope in a community. Children are our teachers in society; if we learn to listen we can also heal ourselves. That is good reason to hope for the future.

Our vision is to build on hope, toward a sustainable future. will connect communities through storytelling. Storytelling is the most natural form of communication; the power of expression brings people together. The story-sharing environment, oneVoice™, will be supported by geospatial Internet and mobile technologies that have the potential to radically improve communication, collaboration, and information management by location.

The vision will further be carried out through the implementation of the oneVillage Initiative: a holistic framework of deploying Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to support sustainable development for community prosperity. By bringing information affluence into each village, the global village will be enriched and strengthened by all-hands participation in the knowledge-based economy. has systematically identified the building blocks to form a complete ‘eco-system’ around ICTs, to design innovative solutions that address world urgent issues, as well as add value to education services. These building blocks include:

  • Local communities
  • Global youth networks
  • Women’s health and information networks
  • The education sector
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Established private enterprises
  • MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs) and credit unions
  • The Open Source movement
  • And many more.

Along the way, we encourage formation of new institutions and values, such as:

  • A new world NGO coalition, that extends from the 1 million NGOs in the world today to the information technology, funding, and other services they rely on.
  • A new paradigm for private and social enterprise, based on valuing people and their communities, sharing opportunity, and designing for sustainability in terms of the economy, the environment, and social equity.
  • A social enterprise platform on the Internet that supports humanity in solving the world’s urgent issues together – quickly.
  • An educational system that makes full use of the social enterprise platform, and restores people’s appreciation of their cultural, linguistic, spiritual and technological heritages, and their relationship with the land they evolved in.

We see the social enterprise platform as including:

  • An e-commerce environment that extends to the 2 million villages that most of the world’s people call home, and supports a global entrepreneurial network.
    • An environment for managing and encouraging philanthropy in all forms, supporting the New World NGO Coalition mentioned above in doing their social enterprise work, including collaboration with the private sector.
  • Collaboration tools serving the residents of the urban areas of the world, and the villages and regions they (or their ancestors) still (or used to) call home.
  • A storytelling and sharing environment (oneVoice™) that unites the human family – with stories and artistic expression digitally represented in many media.
  • Knowledgebases that support sustainable development, and place the total treasure trove of human understanding at humanity’s service – in all languages. seeks an economic and social investment in the development and growth of emerging markets through information technology and human capacity building. Our initiative begins at the level of the village, in the township, at the school, in community facilities. It draws on a logical pattern of university involvement, government support, private-sector commitment, and partnership. It features collaboration with talented, successful, respected and accountable NGOs and private companies. It utilizes our experience in tangible, bottom-up capacity building, and our business and strategy skills. It is facilitated by ICTs. It relies upon the counsel of elders and the lessons of indigenous people. It depends upon community heroes imbued with talent, will, and hope.

The challenges facing emerging nations dealing with AIDS are also opportunities. Every generation defines itself by the way in which it works to solve the major problems that communities face. We are working with communities that are ready, and prime candidates for this kind of investment. We see a strategy for solving the world’s urgent issues profitably and humanely.

The era of technology serving the human community, and business practices based on trust and respect of each other's value, has begun. It is in giving that we receive – both unity, and the fulfillment of our desire to make a difference in Life.